Health & Safety


Daily, we handle and process thousands of animals. It is our job to handle these animals respectfully. To assure animal welfare, we invest in the necessary infrastructure, training our employees. The quality of the raw materials and their nutrient content is very important to us and we guarantee this through a number of production steps, inspections and tests. In doing so, as a market and technology leader in meat processing, we set standards for the entire industry.

Food Safety

As a manufacturer of meat and distributor of meat products, it is our responsibility to produce food that is as safe as possible. high cooperation with our suppliers and customers is necessary to achieve safety. We make effort to explain and clarify our consumers the ingredients and the rules for the preparation of products.

Each day, millions of consumers have a meal with some our products. For this reason, these products need to be safe and wholesome. Our primary responsibility, therefore, is to guarantee the safety of all our products, in all aspects.

To safeguard our production processes, we continuously invest in the infrastructure and rigorous quality systems. We apply strict procedures, supporting different independent certification schemes to improve food safety management to all activities towards production.


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